How prepared is your business for the next pandemic, disaster or business disruption?

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  • According to FEMA, at least 40% of businesses that close due to an emergency never re-open.  Do you have a plan for re-opening if you need to shut down?
  • In the last two decades, economic downturns have forced drastic changes in business processes. Is your business ready for the next shift?
  • FEMA's data studies have shown that following a disaster, 90% of smaller companies fail within a year unless they are able to re-open operations within 5 days.
  • Studies out of the University of Houston show there is an extremely high correlation between employee commitment, organizational performance and profits.  Can you demonstrate concretely that you care for your employees?

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Julie Pierce Onos, Owner of Stellar Strategic Profit, is a Yale graduate and an expert in Organization Development. You can reach out to her - she's here to help. Start by signing up for the free 6-point assessment.

Our clients' businesses run smoothly regardless of what's happening. We make sure you know where you're going and what you need to get there profitably. 

Read more about Julie:
FOUNDATION: Organization Development Leader with 15+ years of proven experience leading strategic initiatives, project management, and using innovative systems implementation. Extensive experience in curriculum development, speaking, program development and guidance, change management, policy enforcement, enterprise leadership of technical and administrative teams, and resource oversight including operating budgets of more than $1M. Career supported by a Master of Business Administration and a myriad of leadership, information technology, and program management courses.

PROMISE: I make things work better. I focus on making your business healthier, more profitable and more resilient. I help your company’s culture to support your company’s bottom line.

MISSION: I provide an unbiased view of operations and fresh strategies for improving productivity during periods of change. I align your company’s priorities with employees’ values and commitment. 

PASSION: I love being the conduit between idea flow and actionable, profitable knowledge and insight. I live to create and witness the next, “ah-ha!” moment.